Being the chairman of Shri Shankarling Model School Chikalgud I take immense pleasure to extend my words to all members of the society. Principal, Staff members, Parents & learners that a long awaited dream come true with the beginning of Shri Shankarling Model School At/Post: Chikalgud . I felt the need of an education institution that would give quality education in this rural area so that the children of this region could compete with today’s fast changing world.Our Motto is “Excellence in pride”. An institution which is situated in the rural area. From our end every sincere effort has been made to provide each & every facility to our co-education school. I feel pride in declaring that our school has been progressing by sustainable leaps & bounds ever since it came into being. With the changing paradigms of education which hold no space for rote learning & passive listening. We are providing our students with opportunities so that they exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest. I extend my sincere thanks to the devotion & dedication of all the stakeholders.