Sports Activity

  1. Objective of Physical Training :
    1. To teach the individual so as to produce a high standard of physical fitness by co-ordination of mind and muscle, and to exercise the trained individual so as to maintain this condition of physical efficiency.
    2. To counteract the unbalanced development of muscle which would otherwise result from his ordinary duties.
    3. It develops “Self-effort”.
    4. It creates “Team Spirit”.
    5. It develops character training.

  2. The value of the exercises.
    1. They develop the elasticity of muscle.
    2. They give increased mobility to the joints.
    3. They stimulate circulation, respiration and digestion.
    4. They encourage close partnership between mind and muscles.
    5. These are exhilarating and enjoyable and there is a feeling that the work is done easily and naturally without strain.

  3. The value of Games and Sports : Games and sports keep us physical fit. The playground is the world itself in a miniature form. Victory or defeat is not as important as the spirit in which the game is played.
    1. It develops team spirit.
    2. It develops high sportsmanship.
    3. Enmities and quarrels are forgotten in the play ground.
    Games and physical training should be looked upon as complementary to one another but however much they are encouraged to play games. Games can not altogether take the place of Physical Training for the following reasons :-
    1. They have not the same corrective effect.
    2. Many of them are “one-sided”.
    3. The same regular systematic and progressive results cannot be obtained.
    4. The difficulty of obtaining sufficient space for all to play.
    Apart from the above, the greatest drawback to the use of the games is that the weaker and less expert performer is often discouraged from playing games by his want of proficiency and so ends by becoming a “looker-on”.

  4. Importance of Yoga.
    Swami Vivekananda proclaimed “Each soul is potentially Divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within, by controlling Nature-external and internal. Do it either by work or worship, psychic control or philosophy by one, or more, or all of those and be free”. Yoga is thus a process by which the Animal-man ascends to Divine-man through different progressive stages. In this process the limited narrow, selfish character expressed by equanimity. Since every individual or society is always striving to achieve greater happiness, bliss creativity and higher mental faculties. Yoga clearly is the real solution.